Key figures of SECOF

The companies of SECOF are totaling turnovers of 16 billion euro in 2017.

France - CERP Rouen SAS

Population: 67.02 millions (Source: Eurostat 2017)

Area: 547 000 km² (Source: INSEE)

GDP: 2.2% (Source: Eurostat 2017)

GDP 2017 (billion euro): 2 287 (Source: Eurostat)

Key figures of CERP Rouen SAS

Market share: 20.25%

Number of associated pharmacists: 6 427

Number of agencies: 32

Number of employees: 2 124

2017 turnover (millions €): 3 525

Astera is a cooperative created by and for the pharmacists. It is based on four specialized branches: full-line wholesaling in France, Belgium, and Germany, homecare through Oxypharm and Vitaléa médical, services to pharmacists with in particular Léo, Les Pharmaciens Associés and La Centrale des Pharmaciens, and services to the manufacturing industry with Eurodep, and Première Ligne



39 rue des Augustins

BP 2039X

76040 Rouen CEDEX 1


Tel.: +

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President: Armand Pinton

General Director: Olivier Bronchain

General Secretary: Alain Roudergues