Founded in 1960, The GIRP (Groupement International de la Répartition Pharmaceutique – The International Group of Full-line Pharmaceutical Wholesalers) is a non-profit association who aims to represent all the European wholesalers and retailers/distributors. It is a platform of communication for the direct members, associations, different partners of the health sector and European institutions.

SECOF is direct member of GIRP. It represents the interests of pharmacist cooperatives thanks to its lobbying activities beside European authorities.

The Representatives of SECOF within GIRP.

  • Member of the Board of Directors Olivier Bronchain
  • Legal Affairs Committee Alain Roudergues
  • Technical Committee Alain Roudergues
  • Economic and Social Committee Alain Roudergues

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Independent Retail Europe

Established in 1963, Independent Retail Europe, formerly UGAL, is the European association that acts as an umbrella organization for the main groups of independent retailers in the food and non-food sectors.

Independent Retail Europe represents:
– over 364 000 independent retailers

  • with a combined retail turnover of more than 815 billion euro
  • and more than 571 000 sales outlets

– 23 groups and associations of groups in Europe

  • employing a total of over 5,88 million people
  • and generating a combined wholesale turnover of more than 315 billion euro

The Independent Retail Europe objectives are to:
– promote independent retailers through groups in Europe
– support and represent the interests and specificities of these groups within the European institutions and other relevant bodies
– ensure that European legislation, and as a result, national legislation, does not limit the development and competitiveness of these groups:
– facilitate bilateral and multilateral exchange of experiences possible for those interested

For further information, you can visit the website at

The Representatives of SECOF within IRE.

  • Alain Roudergues